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Due Diligence Reporting

Don't sign on the dotted line without Due Diligence reporting

Is purchasing a self storage facility a good investment for me?

Making a sizable financial investment should never be taken lightly. Sierra Self Storage Consulting can prevent you from making a very costly mistake with comprehensive Due Dilligence reporting. Due Dilligence reporting can answer a number of relevant questions such as:


• Has the occupancy been run up in recent months to give the appearance of a stabilized facility?

• Is the facility pricing competitive and within reason?

• Is the delinquent rent and fees of an acceptable percentage?

• What is economic occupancy?

If you are buying a storage facility, it is essential that you hire a professional to examine the market and sub-market competition to make sure what you are being told is correct. Give yourself the best protection by hiring Sierra Self Storage Consulting for trustworthy Due Dilligence reporting.


Sierra Self Storage Consulting founder, Andrew B. Kelly Jr. has been working in the self storage business since 1992. You can trust his over 22 years of relevant experience and his stellar reputation to provide you with reliable and affordable Due Diligence reporting.

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