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Storage Facility Audits

Is your facility the best it can be?

Increase your operational efficiency

You are in good hands when you have Sierra Self Storage Consulting performing on-site audits and inspections of your storage facility. With over two decades of industry experience, you can rest assured that Sierra has the knowhow to get an underperforming site back on track.


With professional auditing services you'll learn how to improve operational procedures so that you can maximum the revenue for your business. You'll also learn proper budgeting techniques, the best methods for preventing employee theft as well as best practices for running your storage facility and much more.

How long has it been since you visited your site and completed an audit? Has the site's cash flow and occupancy dropped, while delinquent collections increased? Are the site expenses increasing in categories that are  controlled by the manager? Is occupancy increasing while promotions are being written off and cash is decreasing? Is the facility looking tired and worn, and your manager keeps telling you that they'll get to the repair? If you answered yes, it's time for an facility audit.

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